Low Profile Twin Headboard

W43.25 D1.75 H45.0

High Profile Twin Headboard

W43.25 D1.75 H54.0

Arch Top Twin Headboard w/Metal Accents

W44.0 D2.0 H46.0

Twin Fabric Panel Headboard

W44.0 D2.0 H46.0

Twin 1-Drawer Storage Rail (one side)

W77.0 D24.25 H14.0

Twin Wood Panel Headboard

W44.5 D2.5 H45.0

Twin Upholstered Headboard

W44.5 D2.5 H45.0

Twin Sleigh Headboard

W42.25 D5.25 H54.0

Storage Footboard Twin

W42.75 D24.0 H19.25

Low Profile Double Headboard

W58.25 D1.75 H45.0

High Profile Double Headboard

W58.25 D1.75 H54.0

Arch Top Double Headboard w/Metal Accents

W59.0 D2.0 H46.0

Double Fabric Panel Headboard

W59.0 D2.0 H46.0

Double 1-Drawer Storage (one side)

W77.0 D24.25 H14.0

Double Wood Panel Headboard

W59.5 D2.5 H45.0

Double Lift Storage Rail Pkg.

W77.0 D1.25 H14.0

Double Upholstered Headboard

W59.5 D2.5 H45.0

Upholstered Double Panel Headboard

W57.25 D2.0 H56.0

Environmentally Conscious Furniture

We listened to our customers when they asked us for the PerfectBalance between style, size and value. However, we're also excited about being able to do it without compromising our commitment to protecting the environment.

As an award-winning member of the Sustainable Furniture Council (SFC), Durham Furniture and PerfectBalance continue to look for new ways to be environmentally responsible when producing our solid wood products.

Learn more information on Durham Furniture sustainability efforts.

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